case study: KOL segmentation study for surgical equipment company


Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand

business problem

A leading medical device company approached us to conduct a market research study to understand physician attitude and behaviour towards their equipment, association between KOL’s personal values while prescribing, preferred marketing communications and examine prescription behavior and attitudes towards our clients marketing efforts.

our approach

For the market research study, we conducted primary and secondary research across the cities of Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. The primary research was conducted using online survey and IDI among key opinion leaders, device operators, and specialists. The secondary research was conducted using various portals such as physician’s portals, online forums, news and publications, clinical literature’s and online associations of physicians. Secondary research was conducted to get additional information from both free and premium subscriptions.


With market research study, the client were able to understand their perception with in-depth equipment feature evaluation, values, their preference on marketing communications and analysis of correlations and a cluster analysis of the survey data. it helped the client to evaluate equipment usage pattern of KOL’s, prioritize potential target segments and future product development efforts, planning and pricing of clients brand considering KOLs perception

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