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lifestyle research

Using lifestyle data is very helpful in determining a retailer’s core customer and the composition of their trade area. Lifestyle research data provides another way of looking at the characteristics of a population. Lifestyle segmentation systems combine attributes of density (urban to rural location) with attributes of demographics to define a given lifestyle.

The information in a lifestyle cluster adds a qualitative description to the typical demographic breakdown of a given population. Lifestyles combine information about where a cluster is likely to be located with its demographic make-up, income level, and socio-economic status. For instance, a lifestyle cluster might identify young, well-educated, up-and-comers, living in urban environments. In addition to a profile, a lifestyle cluster might include information on that cluster’s media preferences and buying habits. Behind each description are two types of data – cluster codes and geographic distributions.

the descriptions below are examples of how a retailer might use the two types of data

  • how is the market developing?
  • how does our client’s performance compare to their competitors around the world?
  • what is the brand perception against your competition?
  • what is the optimum positioning for your brand and products?
  • how do you increase loyalty and sales across all channels?

what we do

global vox populi lifestyle research experts continuously track and study the lifestyle dynamics and markets. We have the expertise and global resources to look at the full picture, from market-wide trends to the effectiveness of specific marketing activities. We identify what is happening at every touch point where consumers experience your brand, products or services. And we assess the broad trends and specific influences that drive consumer choices and behaviour at every stage of the process.

lifestyle research solutions

  • behavioural studies
  • lifestyle research clustering
  • lifestyle segmentation
  • psychographic research
  • segmentation studies
  • market size, structure & shopper behaviour
  • brand perception
  • retail sales tracking
  • market segmentation and audience targeting
  • advertising and communication effectiveness
  • customer satisfaction and loyalty
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