case study: potential for growth in emerging markets for medical device – strategic guidance


Brazil, Russia and China

business problem

A multinational medical device company contacted global vox populi to conduct a market research study to familiarize itself on very important facets of business i.e on regulatory, reimbursement process and access to corporate development resources for corporate alliance and distribution channel development.

our approach

An extensive market research study was conducted spanning across Brazil, Russia and China. We went to the root of the business challenge and conducted the study both quantitatively and qualitatively. For the primary research, in-depth interviews were conducted among key opinion leaders, sales manager, procurement manager and payer group representative and secondary research using annual reports, competitors and payer websites.


The deliverable presented to our client included easy to navigate and accurate forecasting platform, quarterly updates on sales to enable client to decide future strategy and presentations on preference share vs. market share and identifying key market drivers. This leveraged diligent decision making for the client to create and update key health technology reports providing timely information, capability to design effective marketing campaign to counter competitive forces in the market place and updates on sales, map out a key coding, coverage, and payment issues pertaining to the reimbursement.


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