case study: prescribing behavior of Diabetologist in India


India (Tier1, and 2 cities)

business problem

A multinational pharmaceutical company approached us to conduct a market research study in order to understand the prescribing behaviour of Diabetologist in India.

our approach

Prescribing behaviour is a dynamic and multifaceted process involving the intermediate customers who follow the norm of reciprocity as one of the guiding principle for taking decisions. Hence, understanding the prescribing behaviour becomes vital. Considering this, we conducted primary research across the tier1 and tier 2 cities of India. The primary research was conducted using in-depth interviews with Diabetologist, marketing representatives, diabetic patients and pharmacists.


With the rich insightful data obtained, the client could understand the prescribing behaviour of Diabetologist, perceptions on cost as well as prescribing behaviour. The insights also focused upon understand prescribing behaviour among Diabetologist with respect to their profile, prescribing pattern of different available medicines in India for diabetes and effect of brands on Diabetologist for prescription writing. This gave the client an idea about the overall competitive scenario in the diabetes market and helped it improve its business strategy.

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