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Travel and Tourism Market Research - Global Vox Populi

Travel and Tourism Market Research

Travel and Tourism Industry is involved in the incorporation of travel for business, leisure, or recreational reasons. Many countries depend upon travel and tourism to continue to generate profit for their country as well as provide employments to their residents.

Businesses in frequently visited countries are able to overturn a greater amount of profit due to travel and tourism, and help to support their country. A tourism service that may provide jobs to locals of a specific environment generally includes transportation, accommodations, and entertainment services.

Even if the transportation, travel and tourism industry is undergoing incessant revolution, players in this industry are enjoying many degrees of strategic freedom and inherent growth – here it becomes necessary to conduct travel and tourism market research. Deregulation, consolidation and privatization are availing new opportunities for growth, cooperation or coalition with other players while simultaneously raising the bar for operational performance and profitability.

Global Vox Populi’s deep experience and expertise in travel and tourism market research provide valuable insight to companies operating in all three sectors of travel and tourism.

Travel and Tourism Market Research Coverage

  • Specialist holidays market
  • Package holidays market
  • Independent holidays market
  • Air travel market
  • Cruises market
  • Domestic tourism market
  • Hotels and accommodation market
  • Short/city breaks market
  • Meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions
  • Business travel market
  • Holiday planning and booking market
  • Travel currency market
  • Travel insurance market

Global Vox Populi Travel and Tourism Industry Offerings

  • Brand and customer experience
  • Consumer behavior and booking trends
  • Channel and advertising optimization – both online and/or offline
  • Market share and competitor performance
  • Pricing analysis
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty
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