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brand planning - Global Vox Populi

brand planning

global vox populi’s brand planning process is unique and we believe differentiates our agency from any other marketing communications partner.

Each client partner at global vox populi has a dedicated brand planner who gets involved with our clients business and acquires deep insight into their product category and their consumer. This level of commitment to planning is almost unheard-of in the marketing communications discipline.

What separates the global vox populi brand planning model from that of every other agency; however, is the hands-on role that our planners are expected to play in – through every stage in our journey with a client partner brand. global vox populi brand planners lead the creative development process and ensure that the same individuals who uncover the landscape and consumer insight which inform a brand strategy are directly involved in developing the communications programs that will deliver on the strategy. We believe that our approach creates a seamless logic trail that leads directly from insights to business outcomes.

global vox populi brand planning experts have such a powerful impact for client partners owing to the incredibly diverse range of experience and professional backgrounds represented on our global team. Our brand planning team includes planners along with brand strategists from management consulting firms.

global vox populi brand planners develop brand strategies by identifying and focusing on key elements of the brand truth that drive attitudes, behavior and brand loyalty

  • we assess the cultural and competitive environment of the brand.
  • we uncover the unique brand identity, both internally and externally—which resonates most strongly with target audiences, motivates employees and stands out in the competitive environment.
  • we work with our clients to ensure that this identity and target audiences’ psychosocial motivations are fully leveraged throughout the marketing communications.
  • we help communicate the “brand truth” internally to create a more effective, efficient and unified organization in which the brand promise is delivered throughout the touch points.
  • we periodically assess our client’s communications to ensure the brand positioning and messaging strategy continues to be distinctive and relevant in light of competitive and cultural trends.

what is our brand planning process?

global vox populi has identified four key phases to this process.

category dynamics

global vox populi has developed a series of techniques that enables our client to have a detailed understanding of the category they operate in and to extract the opportunities that will shape their brand’s future. Key outputs from this stage are:

  • insights which can be built into actionable opportunities
  • category segmentation – no longer will you have consumer segmentations which seem intangible and are disconnected from your communication and activity plans
  • market maps so you not only know the competitor landscape where you are operating in today but also a detailed view on tomorrow’s potential.
brand positioning

With our vast experience and flexible approach, we’ve developed an extensive ways to create and express brand positioning, depending on timings and budgets.

brand activation

this is when all your understanding of the category and your brand gathered in the first two stages of the brand planning process are used to develop activities which will really springboard your brand into the future. Our mix of client and vast agency experience will ensure that you are developing highly creative plans that will grow both your brand and business value.


The value of your company, not only your brands, rest upon the results of your actions. accountability is a key part of any brand plan and as we’re in the business of change – we create opportunities for a brand to inform, connect and persuade so that attitudes and behaviors change – we must prove our work creates change and we can show you how.

global vox populi brand planning solutions

  • brand/product positioning or repositioning
  • target assessment and planning
  • corporate strategy development
  • strategic and/or product ideation
  • creative development input/assessment

Many of the core business issues are illuminated by conducting qualitative research (e.g. focus groups, one-on-ones, in-homes, on-the-street interviews, and so forth) or by simply pouring over learning that already exists.

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Being a Consultant, I am familiar with the expected quality of deliverables from high-end market research firms and I expected no less when I chose GVP over others. They were at par with our regular suppliers when it came to the clinical insights…all within the constrained budget and timelines

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