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competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is typically a part of the strategy section of a company’s marketing plan. Having familiarity with your competitor’s helps you more effectively focus on core strengths and creative messaging in promotions and building a competitive strategy.

In the world of competitive intelligence, analysis transforms raw information into knowledge and insight, shedding light on future action your organization must take in order to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid potential threats and costly mistakes. No single method is best for conducting analysis. You need to master strategies and techniques to fully exploit the value of the competitive intelligence information you’ve gathered.

global vox populi combines industry-leading primary intelligence gathering and analytical skills with sector-specific expertise to provide evidence based solutions which enable better decision making and drive client specific business initiatives.

The in-depth, strategic and timely intelligence global vox populi provides, together with analysis, recommendations and implications, enables businesses to make the most of current and future market opportunities, counter competitive threats, maximize profits and increase market share.

global vox populi competitive intelligence solutions

competitor profiling

global vox populi’s competitor profiling enables and enhances our client’s understanding of their competitors’ current operational capabilities and future strategies, as well as the level and type of threat they pose.

  • with global vox populi’s primary intelligence gathering expertise, our CI team augments internal client intelligence and available published source data, providing current, validated and authentic evidence which maximizes client understanding and supports internal decision making process.
  • we perform competitor profiling across the industry verticals and organization, from leading global corporations to small domestic players. global vox populi has a proven track record in providing detailed – validated insight on even the most closed organizations, from those that do not file reports and accounts, to global corporations with a reputation for being CI savvy.
business model analysis

It is an extent to which a competitor represents a threat depends substantially on its business model and how it creates value for its customers, partners, and itself.

  • it’s predicted, that in the future, business model innovation will be more critical to an organization’s success than product innovation, and understanding competitors’ business models is a pre-requisite to winning against them in the marketplace.
  • global vox populi’s business model analysis enables our clients not only to defend, grow and maintain their competitive position against their market players but also to inform strategies and processes.
  • global vox populi’s business model analysis is also used to profile a competitor at a global, regional, country and product level. it provides detailed insight into competitors’ cost structures, operation models, current capabilities, future strategies, while highlighting areas of key competitive threat.
  • our program enables our clients to directly benchmark its own business model against the competition and drives the assessment of potential cost efficiencies in order to maximize profits
competitor benchmarking

global vox populi’s competitor benchmarking enables our clients to benchmark themselves against ‘best in class’ processes in order to optimize its performance versus the competition, thus improving market share and maximizing profits.

  • competitors within the same sector or space in order to establish the client’s position versus rest key players
  • companies within other sectors believed to provide best in class examples
market opportunity analysis

global vox populi’s market opportunity analysis program is designed to provide actionable insights into new opportunities providing market, competitor, customer, channel and regulatory evidence which support an internal ‘go/no go’ decision or helps in evaluating and assessing the best in-class market entry strategy. global vox populi’s global market opportunity analysis team is expert in designing and executing in-depth intelligence gathering and analysis programs that deliver actionable insight including:

  • scale of the market opportunity
  • competitive situation
  • product mix and pricing
  • market entry strategy
  • marketing, sales and promotional strategies
  • pre-post sales service and support
  • sourcing strategies
  • segmentation
  • organizational structure
  • distribution and logistics
  • government and regulatory factors
competitor simulation and strategy exercise

global vox populi’s competitor simulation exercise enables our clients to gain detailed and competitive insight into the key threats within a market place as well as critique internal tactics and strategies.

  • global vox populi is expert in the development, moderation and analysis of competitor simulation and strategy exercises which address the following challenges:
  • new product or service launch by the client or a competitor
  • merger and acquisition (m&a) activity
  • sudden change of strategy by a key competitor
  • new technology launch
  • a major change in the market or regulatory environment
monitoring and forecasting

competitor monitoring programs represent the optimum in proactive competitive intelligence. They are designed to provide clients with actionable insights into existing, emerging and potential competitive threats. They provide in-depth information on those competitors that feature highly on clients’ business portfolio, as well as tracking key changes to the competitive landscape or market environment.

  • global vox populi’s monitoring programs provide intelligence on competitor activity on a monthly or quarterly basis with a facility to receive “flash insights” on topics that require immediate action. The program’s focus is continuously reviewed in conjunction with the client, to ensure the research remains relevant, timely and to the point.
  • our monitoring program is assigned one or more qualified and experience executives with a team of dedicated analysts whose skills (linguistic, function and industry) match the requirements for the project. The executives provide the expertise necessary to translate the evidence we collect into relevant and actionable strategy. The executive teams leads discussions with the client around key areas of focus for subsequent months of the monitoring program and provide implications and recommendations on an ongoing basis.
  • desk-based intelligence gathering: as with any CI program, the vital “raw material” is intelligence. global vox populi conducts secondary and primary intelligence gathering on a monthly basis and quarterly basis. Primary research forms a key component of the program, a discipline in which global vox populi is recognized as being best in class.
  • analysis & reporting: analysis of the collected intelligence is conducted on an ongoing basis; the output of which feeds into the next month or quarter’s program ensuring the information collected is relevant and timely.
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