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ethnographic research

Ethnographic research is a holistic approach developed by anthropologists in order to understand people within their social and cultural contexts. the underlying theoretical basis of ethnography is that people’s actions and thoughts are dependent on a vast range of factors and what they say and do in one context is not necessarily what they actually do in another.

To fully understand peoples’ behaviour, opinions and decision-making processes, global vox populi ethnographic research experts spends time with target respondents in their various physical and social environments. Our primary method is ‘participant observation’. This involves the immersion of our ethnographer into the lives of those that they are studying.

Our ethnographer seeks not only to observe and enquire about situations people are faced with, but they participate within them. The exact nature of the participation is balanced with cultural and practical sensitivity, but in various settings it involves our ethnographer spending a day shadowing a respondent in their home, educational, and social environments.

when conducting ethnographic research and qualitative projects with a global orientation, our ethnographer travel to each country not only to train and supervise our international research partners, but also to observe and direct the research process first-hand.

Through ethnography, we reveal the hidden complexities of everyday life. We show our clients how products are made meaningful, and how they are incorporated into daily processes and routines.

We accompany and observe people at home, at work, in the car or at the supermarket, to gain the most authentic impression possible of the user experience.

ethnographic research solutions:

  • observational research
  • understand how people actually use products, not how they say they use them
  • discover who the users are
  • understand how people incorporate products into their lives, in expected and unexpected ways
  • bring real-world experience into the product development lifecycle
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