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eye tracking and facial coding - Global Vox Populi

eye tracking and facial coding

eye tracking

The eye of the consumer holds a wealth of valuable information, and yet sometimes it doesn’t tell us the whole story. At global vox populi, we understand that a multi-modal approach is necessary to fully explore a given product, advertisement or website. our proven methodology combines advanced visual behaviour analysis with traditional marketing research techniques to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the entire consumer experience.

package design:

In a crowded retail environment, the visibility of a product is a major factor behind its success. global vox populi package design research lets you look through the eyes of your customers while they consider the items on the shelf. as our clients will attest, this is a huge advantage.

package design solutions:

  • study development and participant recruiting
  • testing of digital prototype packages on virtual shelf-sets
  • testing of real packages on-shelf or in-hand
  • analysis of shelf pop, purchase intent, findability, package elements, and so forth
  • comparison of multiple designs and competitor packages
  • moderating of post-testing interviews
  • hosting of packaging-related questionnaires and online quantitative surveys
  • a customized multimedia report including expert interpretation of all results

advertising research:

In today’s world, the window of opportunity for an advertisement is extremely brief. Many consumers actively tune out ads as soon as they recognize them. This holds true for television, print and the internet. global vox populi offers the best method of testing whether or not your marketing efforts are reaching your audience.

advertising research solutions:

  • study development and participant recruiting
  • testing of online advertisements embedded within any website
  • testing of printed content or virtual print in our magazine simulator
  • testing of commercials, sponsored events, product placement, and so forth
  • analysis of time on screen, visual hits, attention, recall and perceptions
  • comparison of multiple versions and placements of an advertisement
  • moderating of post-testing interviews
  • hosting of ad-related questionnaires and online quantitative surveys
  • a customized multimedia report including expert interpretation of all results


Measuring consumer engagement has always been a difficult task. Our clients can test to see if their viewers are physically watching, but how do you know that they haven’t mentally tuned out? global vox populi pupil-based method for evaluating engagement is objective and unobtrusive. We have successfully applied it to research on television, video games, software and commercials.

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Being a Consultant, I am familiar with the expected quality of deliverables from high-end market research firms and I expected no less when I chose GVP over others. They were at par with our regular suppliers when it came to the clinical insights…all within the constrained budget and timelines

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AVP – Commercial Strategy, Medical Device Company

facial coding

Neuroscience reveals that when individuals are exposed to any stimulus they experience emotions first, followed by an array of thoughts, feelings and actions – all which are influenced by our initial, subconscious emotions.

While these initial emotions are processed below the conscious level, facial coding assesses them, by measuring the emotional response to advertising, as manifested via changes in facial expression.

These measures are converted into an overall indication of positive, negative and neutral emotion from second to second during an ad, and an indication of which specific emotions are being felt.

Marketers recognize that emotion drives brand loyalty and purchase decisions. Yet, traditional ways of measuring emotional response – surveys and focus groups – create a gap by requiring viewers to think about and say how they feel. Neuroscience provides insight into how the mind works, but it typically requires expensive, bulky equipment and lab-type settings that limit and influence the experience.

delivering true emotion insight

global vox populi customized facial coding service is a neuro-marketing tool that reads emotional states such as attention and liking from facial expressions using an ordinary webcam; in order to give marketers faster, more accurate insight into consumer response to brands, advertising and media.

Our tool uses automated facial expression analysis recognition, also called facial coding, to analyze respondent face and interpret their emotional state. Offered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SAAS), our tool is a fast, easy and affordable to add into existing studies.

facial coding solutions:

  • online surveys: pre-programmed tests allow online market research participants to be emotionally analyzed via webcam (SAAS)
  • focus groups: capture participants’ responses during key moments of sessions using cameras provided by us. No need to change moderators or alter existing procedures.
  • individual interviews: our researchers conduct in-person interviews that typically involve stimuli exposure, questions, ratings, and probes.

facial coding insights: facial coding indicates whether respondents are engaged positively, negatively or neutral with an ad. it will tell you:

  • whether an ad is generating positive or negative engagement overall
  • which particular emotions are driving the engagement
  • whether key components of an ad are working optimally – e.g. are people positively engaged where the brand or its benefits are presented or implied
  • elements of an ad to retain or optimize – in creative development or when seeking to create cut-downs