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merger and acquisition intelligence – Global Vox Populi

merger and acquisition intelligence

Going through the process of a merger or acquisition is challenging for everyone involved. Although numerous business benefits may have been identified, it is widely acknowledged that lack of planning both prior to and during the merger or acquisition process can be the biggest hurdle to realizing these.

global vox populi merger and acquisition intelligence experts provide a single collaborative tracking and monitoring intelligence, which not only enables the business to ensure it is delivering against its merger and acquisition objectives but also helps to create a common purpose and focus on what is required across the organization.

it is said that more than 85% of mergers and acquisitions fail

reasons for failure: there are a number of reasons why a merger or acquisition may fail, including:

  • Inadequate planning and due diligence intelligence
  • Lack of strategic direction and poor governance
  • Unclear and inconsistent objectives and outcomes
  • Insufficient understanding and management of associated risks
  • Poor communication leading to employee disengagement
  • Incompatible business cultures
  • Loss of key staff and skills

A company can be exposed to the risk of poor and decreasing performance, effecting profitability and staff morale due to an imbalance of time and focus being spent on the merger or acquisition process.

global vox populi merger and acquisition intelligence solutions – market engineering can make mergers & acquisitions more successful

  • Improving negotiation and price by knowing the company’s exact market position
  • Identifying market opportunities that an acquisition strategy can exploit
  • Measuring customer attitudes on company’s products to indicate their image in market
  • Providing customer demographic data that gives insight into future market potential and growth for targeted company
  • Identifying opportunities for growth in market segmentation analysis
  • Providing competitive benchmarking measurements to identify areas for fast improvement in company
  • Measuring market and technical trends to forecast future growth potential of company’s technology
  • Identifying key trends in the market, the company’s customers, and relative position with competitors to pinpoint future problems and opportunities
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