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Guatemala Profile:

  • Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala, is a country in Central America.
  • The service sector is the largest component of GDP at 63%, followed by the industry sector at 23.8% and the agriculture sector at 13.2%.
  • The agricultural sector accounts for about two-fifths of exports, and half of the labor force. Organic coffee, sugar, textiles, fresh vegetables, and bananas are the country’s main exports.
  • Guatemala faces many social problems and is one of the poorest countries in Latin America. As of 2014, Guatemala ranks 31st of 33 among Latin American and Caribbean countries in terms of the Human Development Index.
  • Guatemala is facing growing fiscal pressures, exacerbated by multiple corruption scandals that led to the resignation of the president, vice president and numerous high-level economic officials in 2015

Guatemala Economy:

  • Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America with a GDP per capita roughly half the average for Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • The agricultural sector accounts for 13.5% of GDP and 31% of the labor force; key agricultural exports include sugar, coffee, bananas, and vegetables.
  • Guatemala is the top remittance recipient in Central America with the large expatriate community in the US. These inflows are a primary source of foreign income, equivalent to over one-half of the country’s exports and one-tenth of its GDP.
  • The distribution of income remains highly unequal with the richest 20% of the population accounting for more than 51% of Guatemala’s overall consumption.
  • More than half of the population is below the national poverty line, and 23% of the population lives in extreme poverty. Poverty among indigenous groups, which make up more than 40% of the population, averages 79%, with 40% of the indigenous population living in extreme poverty

Guatemala Facts:

  • Population: 15.5 million
  • Capital: Guatemala City
  • Largest city: Guatemala City
  • Area: 108,889 sq km
  • Major language: Spanish (official) 68.9%, Maya languages 30.9%
  • Major religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, indigenous Mayan beliefs
  • Life expectancy: 70.6 years (Male), 74.7 years (Female)
  • Monetary unit: 1 Quetzal(GTQ) = 100 Centavos
  • Main exports: Sugar, coffee, petroleum, apparel, bananas, fruits and vegetables, cardamom, manufacturing products, precious stones and metals, electricity
  • GNI per Capita: $7,760

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