Market Research In Uruguay

Uruguay Profile:

  • Uruguay, officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a sovereign state in the southeastern region of South America.
  • Uruguay is geographically the second-smallest nation in South America, after Suriname.
  • Nearly 95% of Uruguay’s electricity comes from renewable energy, mostly hydroelectric facilities and wind parks.
  • Uruguay is an important global exporter of combed wool, rice, soybeans, frozen beef, malt, and milk.
  • Uruguay is ranked first in Latin America in democracy, peace, low rate of corruption, e-government, and is first in South America when it comes to press freedom, size of the middle class and prosperity. Uruguay is the third-best country on the continent in terms of HDI, GDP growth, innovation, and infrastructure.

Uruguay Economy:

  • Uruguay is regarded as a high-income country (top group) by the UN, and one of the most socially developed country.
  • Remittances from the roughly 18% of Uruguayans abroad amount to less than 1 percent of national GDP.
  • The country managed to avoid a recession and keep positive growth rates, mainly through higher public expenditure and investment.
  • GDP growth reached 8.9% in 2010 but slowed markedly in the period 2012-16 as a result of a renewed slowdown in the global economy and in Uruguay’s main trade partners and Mercosur counterparts, Argentina and Brazil. Reforms in those countries should give Uruguay an economic boost.
  • Uruguay’s external debt also undertook an emergency plan to attack the widespread problems of poverty and unemployment.

Uruguay Facts:

  • Population: 3.4 million
  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Largest city: Montevideo
  • Area: 176,215 sq km
  • Major language: Spanish (official), Portunol, Brazilero
  • Major religion: Roman Catholic 47.1%, non-Catholic Christians 11.1%, nondenominational 23.2%, Jewish 0.3%, atheist or agnostic 17.2%, other 1.1%
  • Life expectancy: 74.2 years (Male), 80.6 years (Female)
  • Monetary unit: 1 Uruguayan Peso (Pesos Uru, UYU) = 100 Centésimos
  • Main exports: Beef, soybeans, cellulose, rice, wheat, wood, dairy products, wool
  • GNI per Capita: $21,130

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