Market Research In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Profile:

  • Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in southern Africa and it was once known as the “Jewel of Africa” for its prosperity.
  • Zimbabwe is a member of the United Nations, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU), and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
  • The ICT sector of Zimbabwe has been growing at a fast pace. In 2011, Zimbabwe has ranked as Africa’s fastest growing market.
  • Zimbabwe’s progress in reproductive, maternal and child health has stagnated in recent years.
  • Taxes and tariffs are high for private enterprises, while state enterprises are strongly subsidized. State regulation is costly to companies; starting or closing a business is slow and costly.

Zimbabwe Economy:

  • Zimbabwe’s economy depends heavily on its mining and agriculture sectors. Minerals, gold, and agriculture are the main foreign exports of Zimbabwe. Tourism also plays a key role in its economy.
  • The country has been in economic decline since the 1990s, experiencing several crashes and hyperinflation along the way.
  • Growth turned negative in 2016. Lower mineral prices, infrastructure and regulatory deficiencies, a poor investment climate, a large public and external debt burden, and extremely high government wage expenses impede the country’s economic performance.
  • Foreign and domestic investment continues to be hindered by the lack of land tenure and titling, the inability to repatriate dividends to investors overseas, and the lack of clarity regarding the government’s Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Act.
  • Several factors have pushed highly skilled workers to go abroad, including unemployment, lower wages, a lack of resources, and few opportunities for career growth.

Zimbabwe Facts:

  • Population: 13.8 million
  • Capital: Harare
  • Largest city: Harare
  • Area: 390,757 sq km
  • Major language: Shona (official), Ndebele (official), English (official)
  • Major religion: Protestant 74.8%, Roman Catholic 7.3%, other Christian 5.3%, traditional 1.5%, Muslim 0.5%, other 0.1%
  • Life expectancy: 58.3 years (Male), 62.5 years (Female)
  • Monetary unit: 1 Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWL) = 100 Cents
  • Main exports: Platinum, cotton, tobacco, gold, ferroalloys, textiles/clothing
  • GNI per Capita: $1,810

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