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sales force effectiveness

how to increase the effectiveness of sales teams

global vox populi developed a global methodology “sales force effectiveness” that enables performance management of sales teams, like sales team strategy, talent management, incentive compensation and support processes.

when to consider sales force effectiveness?

  • insufficient skills of the sales team
  • stagnating sales results, low margin, market share lose
  • high or growing turnover rate in the sales team
  • reorganization of the company
  • missing or insufficient client relationship management system
  • degrading/insufficient ability to compete
  • stagnating/decreasing motivation of the sales team
  • new approaches to client satisfaction – behavior of customer-interaction needs to change
  • preparation for a new competitor into the market

benefits of the sales force effectiveness

  • better strategic competencies and sales skills of the sales team
  • company growth value
  • growing customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty
  • better motivation of the sales team
  • growing company’s competitiveness
  • more effective recruitment process

global vox populi sales force effectiveness solutions

  • customer segmentation and targeting
  • sales intelligence metrics
  • sales force sizing
  • reach and frequency
  • territory alignment and optimization
  • call planning
  • incentive/remuneration management
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