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secondary research

Secondary research or desk research involves the identification of existing data that can be applied to specific research projects. Data which best meets the research requirement is chosen from the vast data available widely on internet. the various sources global vox populi researchers use are government publications, industry surveys, trade publications, newspapers, journals, customer databases, sales reports, reports of past primary researches, company reports, and so forth.

Secondary research is a very useful method to meet research objectives with modest resources and time. Our researchers also use the data obtained from secondary research to improve the focus of primary researches and thus complement the insights.

Based on research objectives, secondary research may involve statistical analysis of data readily available from various sources or information research.

We believe both “primary research and secondary research” methodologies have their own usefulness and play an important role in deriving insights. The choice of research method is highly influenced by various factors like research objective, availability of data, time and resources.

what we do

  • external research: involves looking at data gathered by industry analyst and experts, trade associations, or companies that specialize in gathering and compiling data about various industries and markets
  • internal research: data gathered by our client’s company for purposes other than market research (for e.g., sales reports broken down by product line) but which they can use to gauge what the market will do in the future
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