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usability testing

usability testing is basically a user experience sessions which enables first-hand surveillance of actual interface with a client’s website, online application, and interactive media or other consumer product or service. global vox populi researcher’s conducts interviews with users’ who generally navigate the web-based materials.

During usability testing sessions, we observe users’ interaction with the tested material to evaluate overall ease of use, structural design and navigational flow, content, look and feel, brand image, brand fit, and positioning. our findings provide insight into current usage patterns, unmet wants and needs, satisfaction levels, and opportunities for improving the online product or service and overall user experience.

Most frequently global vox populi conducts usability sessions in-person in the form of IDIs which gives maximum benefits to our clients. Each interview generally entails the users going through the site or application, employing task-based navigation, free navigation, or a combination of both. Our moderator probes the user to identify issues and patterns throughout the course of the session. We at global vox populi can customize the usability testing to client specifications, including telephone or online sessions as we do it for all of our research tools.

usability testing solutions

usability testing is commonly associated with websites only, but our usability testing experience goes beyond websites. global vox populi have conducted this type of research on a wide range of technologies and interfaces and can conduct usability testing for:

  • mobile phones (including smartphones)
  • EPGs (electronic programme guides)
  • PVRs
  • on demand TV and film menus
  • Mp3 players
  • e-magazines and e-books
  • games consoles and software
  • entertainment systems – for home or travel (e.g. in-flight entertainment systems)
  • websites
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