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Global Vox Populi - Asia's Largest Market Research Firm

global vox populi market research
Why our market research

We are a full-service market research firm – we assist you in B2B, B2C, and Healthcare studies

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global vox populi consumer insights
Global consumer insights

Rapid and sustainable research solutions to the most complex business challenges with traditional and implicit research methodologies.

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global vox populi consulting

A solution is proposed to provide clear business directions, identify investment opportunities and develop new revenue streams.

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Automotive Market Research and Consulting

Global Vox Populi has extensive experience in corporate positioning research and brand research, along with customer/dealership satisfaction surveys and wide-ranging consultancy services to other areas within the automotive sector.

Chemical Market Research
and Consulting

We provide research insights on coatings, specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, commodity chemicals, catalysts, resins, gases, fuels, energy, fracking fluids, pesticides and others.

Construction Market Research and Consulting

In construction research space, we provide insights on architectural and civil engineering, sky scrapers, construction material market segmentation, sizing and forecast.

Consumer Goods Market
Research and Consulting

Our Consumer goods research team analyses the market and provides insights on market growth, share, industry overview, consumer goods market trends, opportunities, drivers, barrier and unmet needs.

Energy and Power Market
Research and Consulting

Energy markets are commodities markets that deal specifically with the trade and supply of energy. Explore our research services in this segment.

Entertainment Market Research
and Consulting

Our entertainment industry research coverage is just not limited to the companies that produce and moderate the forms of entertainment that are manufactured and distributed to the masses. Contact us to know more.

Food and Beverage Market
Research and Consulting

Get the latest research insights and industry statistics for the food and beverage market with topics like food testing, supplements, sweeteners and packaging technology.

Healthcare Market
Research and Consulting

Global Vox Populi is trusted by the global pharmaceutical industry to provide the intelligence needed to flourish in an increasingly challenging environment.

Hospital Market Research
and Consulting

Get research insights on the hospitals market segmentation and sub-segments, supply and demand side, ecosystem analysis, drivers, barriers and unmet needs.

Life Science Market
Research and Consulting

We enable you to understand the stakeholder dynamics as the healthcare system transitions from acute care into integrated care. Our research and insights help you make informed strategic decisions about how best to navigate this complex market.

Medical Device Market
Research and Consulting

Global Vox Populi offers diagnostics market research across imaging equipment, software, and agents through to point-of-care diagnostics, patient monitoring, and IVD.

Metals and Mining Market
Research and Consulting

We deliver insights on Metals and mining sector, mining market insight, growth opportunity and insights to address market gaps.

Oil and Gas Market
Research and Consulting

We continuously follow the dynamic changes across upstream, midstream and downstream market opportunities, interpreting the interplay of forces across the value chain and what it means for the industry participants.

Pharmaceutical Market
Research and Consulting

Global Vox Populi is a trusted partner in the global pharmaceutical industry, where we use our expertise and experience to deliver intelligent, tailor-made solutions.

Retail Market Research
and Consulting

We analyze and deliver insights on retail and consumer trends for our client and their competitors, analyzing the main drivers of retail change, and making accurate forecasts.

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