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Qualitative Research - Global Vox Populi

Qualitative Research

At Global Vox Populi, we really care about the value that good qualitative research can bring to your business, and how it can make the difference between standing still and inspiring growth. Today’s market probably looks more fragmented than earlier and greater connectivity alone doesn’t equal greater understanding. Consumers still remain just as elusive and unpredictable as ever.

Our qualitative researchers focus on the importance of context to help our client’s to understand who people really are as individuals, not just as consumers, across every cultural, economic and political region of the world. Combining the best methodology of qualitative and transformative thinking, our world-class practitioners design appropriate customized research approach to address our client’s specific contextual issues and provide them with a real understanding of what their customers want.

We deliver growth focused insights in order to inspire our client’s with new ways of looking at their business. Motivations behind attitudes, tendencies and habits of the target groups or consumers in detail on the research subjects – concepts, brands, products and services, companies – with small sampling groups. When compared with quantitative, qualitative research findings are not statistically valid and do not represent the research universe. Different from quantitative research, qualitative technique enables us to analyze the opinions, conceptions, feelings and behavior patterns of people by using indirect questioning methods.

Qualitative Research Covers The Following Research Areas:

  • Consumer motives / barriers
  • Generating consumer insights for communication strategies
  • Trends / developments
  • Consumer expectations
  • Perception of products, brands, services etc.
  • Usage and attitude
  • Product category, brand or service usage experience
  • Brand and corporate image
  • Message clarity & comprehensiveness of concepts and advertisement (pre, post)
  • Generating new ideas for product development, concept development
  • Filtering alternatives (concepts, copies, brand names, packaging, labels, logos, etc.)

Main Advantages of Global Vox Populi Qualitative Research:

  • We have a team of highly qualified in-house moderators with extensive backgrounds in psychology, sociology, anthropology, linguistics and client-side marketing
  • A range of projective techniques, to help consumers move beyond the rational and express deeply held thoughts and feelings
  • Extensive experience in all sectors, including B2B, sensitive issues, low interest categories
  • Ongoing development of new qualitative techniques that leverage inputs coming from ethnography, semiotics, co-creation philosophy, conflict theory

Qualitative Research Solutions:

  • In person qualitative (focus groups, IDI’s, ethnography)
  • Online text chat real-time focus groups & IDIs
  • Online discussion boards focus groups and IDIs
  • Diaries, journals, blogs
  • Qualitative-quantitative hybrid market research
  • Social media-related Qualitative research
  • Recruiting & Sampling
  • Research design, training, and field management
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Being a Consultant, I am familiar with the expected quality of deliverables from high-end market research firms and I expected no less when I chose GVP over others. They were at par with our regular suppliers when it came to the clinical insights…all within the constrained budget and timelines

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AVP – Commercial Strategy, Medical Device Company